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Lilli Hetherington

My Personal Health Crisis

In 1989, I was diagnosed with a rare blood and muscle disease called Eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome. My blood tests revealed symptoms of leukemia, lupus, trichinosis (although I do not eat pork), and hepatitis. I had muscle pain and tenderness, tremendous fatigue, and unusual skin rashes. I had 23 years of prior experience in the field of nutrition, had never been sick...and I was now bed ridden. It was very frightening to know that my body was out of control. This disease was actually caused by a contaminated product from the health food store. One thousand five hundred Americans from the east coast to the west coast were poisoned. Many of them died and others remain invalids. The medical association offered them no hope or help.

Once I discovered the source of my illness, of course, I quit taking the contaminated product...(a no-brainer)! I then put myself on my own cancer program, which had worked very successfully for many of my cancer patients. If you can reverse cancer, you can reverse just about any disease.

Along with the cancer program I went on, I was also introduced to several lines of supplements that are tested and pure. These have helped me regain my health. I had always sent patients to the health food store for their supplements thinking that, "if the health food store carried it, it was healthy,"....not so, necessarily. The FDA does not require vitamin companies to clinically test their products...I learned the hard way that all vitamins are not created equal.

I now offer several different supplement lines that I completely trust and recommend. They're safe, they work, and they get results.

I can honestly say that I am healthier now than I was before, a fact for which I am very grateful.

“The body, if given the right nutrients, has the ability to rebuild itself, all the way down to the cellular level.”

Lilli Hetherington

Health and Nutrition Background

Lilli has spent over 30 years studying and speaking on nutrition and disease. When stricken personally by a rare blood disease, Lilli had yet another chance to put into practice the principles she had shared so often with others, and to testify once again of their effectiveness.

Lilli believes that the Old and New Testament dietary guidelines are still the best route to healing and prevention. The proof...Israel — the healthiest nation on earth.

She teaches - “The body, if given the right nutrients, has the ability to rebuild itself, all the way down to the cellular level.”

Lilli offers complementary ways to enhance your body's God-given ability to fight disease.


“Lilli Hetherington has been a very inspirational guest on our show, LIFE TODAY. The material she presents is greatly needed and in high demand, but FEW offer such sound, sensible advice. Lilli has thoroughly researched the scriptures and has a keen awareness of how to apply these principles in a Biblical way.

The negative effect poor nutrition is having on our bodies is a major cause of the illnesses we experience today. Lilli gives real hope in turning this process around.”

James Robinson, Life Outreach International, Television Show

“I am glad Lilli is offering her knowledge about such a needed area of our lives…she is helping us to face honestly the STEWARDSHIP of our bodies.”

Dudley Hall, Successful Christian Living Ministries (Kerygma Ventures)

“God, the creator of our bodies, knows the power secrets for making them function efficiently. Lilli Hetherington reminds us of God’s guidelines in the scriptures—laying out a simple plan for healthy living. Isn’t it fascinating that scientific research is now becoming aware of these very same principles that God told us from the beginning! The ministry Lilli offers, challenges me to take a closer look at God’s Word AND the food choices set before me. I’ve made rewarding and satisfying changes in the process of applying what I’ve learned.”

Jeanne Roger, Life Today with James Robinson Television Program

“The Body of Christ certainly needs the message Lilli is offering.”

Cheryl Townsley, Lifestyle for Health

“As Christians our goals should be to be like Christ. Many people just focus on the spiritual aspects of that goal, yet there are physical responsibilities as well. Doing your best to nutritionally take care of your body is just as important as nurturing your spirit man with God’s Word. We must do all we can health-wise so that we are able to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives on this earth. I believe Lilli Hetherington is powerfully called to help people fulfill this aspect of the Christian life – Divine Health. I encourage you to listen to what she has to say. I believe God has entrusted Lilli with a message that is absolutely relevant for this day.”

Pastor Amy Hossler, Covenant Church, Carrollton, Texas


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Inspirational Conference/Seminar Speaker and Singer

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