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Did you know that the United States...

Is ranked #1 in degenerative disease and 150th in general Health?
Is one of the most malnourished countries on the planet!
Is losing over 1 MILLION people a year to heart disease...alone!
...that there are some cultures that do not suffer any of these maladies.

If you're facing a personal health crisis, need a respected speaker and author or you're just Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired, then it's time to
...Take Charge of Your Health.

Meet Lilli

Pic of Lilli Hetherington Lilli has over 30 Years experience in the area of health and nutrition and is a widely respected health coach, speaker, clinician and author.

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The Book

Pic of book cover This book shares insight into the latest of "cutting edge" breakthroughs in science as well as an exegetical Biblical perspective.

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Pic of young lady with headphones Listen to interviews and audio testimonials from Lilli's clients.

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“The body, if given the right nutrients, has the ability to rebuild itself, all the way down to the cellular level.”

Lilli Hetherington